Mobile Vaccine Van

Event Date: 
Thursday, January 13, 2022 - 2:00pm to 6:00pm


Mason Elementary School
13 Darling Hill Rd
United States

Dear Families,                                                                                                               

     The State of New Hampshire Department of Health and Human services Mobile Vaccine Van will be coming to Mason Elementary to do a clinic on Thursday, January 13th and again on Thursday February 17th.

You do not need to “register” for a certain time. It will be first come first serve. The clinic will be from 2:00pm to 6:00pm, in the Cafeteria.  For this clinic, the mobile team will be offering the following vaccination series:

  • Pediatric Doses for Ages 5 – 11: Pfizer (2-doses) (COVID-19 Vaccines for Children and Teens | CDC)
  • Primary Doses for Ages 12 – 17: Pfizer (2-doses) (COVID-19 Vaccines for Children and Teens | CDC)
  • Booster Doses for Ages 16 – 17: Pfizer (1-dose) (COVID-19 Vaccines for Children and Teens | CDC)
  • Primary Doses for Ages 18+: Pfizer (2-doses), Moderna (2-doses), and J&J (1-dose) (Your COVID-19 Vaccination | CDC)
  • 3rd Doses for Pfizer and Moderna (these are indicated for persons who are moderately to severely immunocompromised (COVID-19 Vaccines for Moderately to Severely Immunocompromised People | CDC)
  • Booster Doses for Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J (Who Is Eligible for a COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shot? | CDC; CDC Expands Eligibility for COVID-19 Booster Shots | CDC Online Newsroom | CDC)

Additionally, the mobile vaccination providers will be able to accommodate requests for heterologous dosing – persons eligible for boosting can choose which COVID-19 vaccine product they receive as a booster regardless of the vaccine product received for their primary series.

In order to have enough doses at the ready, please let us know you plan to attend by emailing [email protected], or call (603)878-2962 x18.  ANYONE from the Mason Community can come for this clinic. Consent forms will be available the day of the clinic.

For a Healthy School,

Danielle Carrier RN

(603) 878-2962 x18 – [email protected]